ABOUT sixth+mill

…Naples is a paradise; everyone lives in a state of intoxicated self-forgetfulness, myself included. I seem to be a completely different person whom I hardly recognize…

I can’t begin to tell you of the glory of a night by full moon when we strolled through the streets and squares to the endless promenade and then walked up and down the seashore. I was quite overwhelmed by the feeling of infinite space.

To be able to dream like this is certainly worth the trouble it took to get here…

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

… and here you are at sixth+mill ristorante – pizzeria – bar which for Matteo Ferdinandi & Chef Angelo Auriana is a nostalgic time-travel back to their roots as Matteo’s great-grandfather was born in Caserta and Chef Angelo’s Father was born in Avellino both near Naples in the region of Campania.

Matteo Ferdinandi and Chef Angelo Auriana’s  interpretation of traditional Southern Italian cooking is a celebration of gastronomic reinvention that balances tradition and innovation  of the cultural heritage that portrays the history of the Italian people through their food.

sixth+mill warm-contemporary settings and minimal design suggests an unforgettable and comfortable environment to experience a casual-refined atmosphere that recreates the feel of a classic ristorante – pizzeria and it is the platform to educate and share the culture and the life style of Southern Italy and its people’s dedication to food and wine.

In Southern Italy, the rich volcanic soil has always been the fueling force of the agriculture that from thousands of years has produced unique ingredients that are intrinsically part of the much saw-after Mediterranean Diet.

While the modern pizza evolved from similar flatbread dishes in Naples in the 18th or early 19th century, prior to that time flatbread was often topped with ingredients such as garlic, salt, lard, cheese, and basil. It is uncertain when tomatoes were first added and there are many conflicting claims. Until about 1830, pizza was sold from open-air stands and out of pizza bakeries.

Chef Angelo’s commitment is on keeping these old traditions alive today.

Chef Angelo’s pizza is his very own version of the pizza Napoletana, which was initially exported by the first waves of immigrants in the 1800s and quickly became what most people abroad identify Italian food by.

Beside the pizza, the cuisine of sixth+mill focuses on other traditional recipes that capture the uniqueness and versatility of the regional southern Italian food and include appetizers, fritters, homemade pasta, meat & poultry, seafood and desserts, keeping an eye on traditions and looking at today’s necessity of lightness, healthiness and simplicity.

The dining experience at sixth+mill  evokes joyous times of travel and memories through a casual-refined atmosphere that recreates the feel of a night by the Gulf of Naples and it is the platform to celebrate and share the culture and the life style of the Italian people.

The restaurant opened on September 6th, 2019 located in St. Mark’s Square in The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort.