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Close up of beautifully plated mussels.

sixth+mill pizzeria and bar is a casual-dining restaurant from Chef Angelo Auriana & Restaurateur Matteo Ferdinandi. The restaurant joins the widely successful BRERA Ristorante (formerly Officine BRERA) and The Factory Kitchen, offering a dining destination celebrating the regions of Southern Italy. The neighborhood pizzeria features hand-crafted pizzas and hard durum wheat pastas, and a selection of shared small plates and dishes inspired by Chef Angelo’s childhood memories. Chef Angelo draws upon a few recipes from his father’s home cooking, such as the Pizza alla Montanara, a fried dough topped with a rich tomato sauce and scamorza cheese, traditionally served during special family gatherings. The Gnocchi alla Sorrentina, a hearty dish from Campania, is a deep, simmering dish of garlic-infused potato gnocchi with a bright tomato sauce, topped with bubbling mozzarella and fresh basil. Chef Angelo has imported a Mario Acunto Neopolitan-style wood-fired oven encased with refractory bricks, allowing a thermal source of heat to provide consistency throughout the baking process for pizzas and pastas al forno. A traditional Italian spiral mixer slow mixes the dough allowing for a better fermentation process that develops a lighter dough and signature flavor. Those elements, paired with sixth+mill’s signature natural yeast starter and a mix of flours creates pizza that is slightly crispy on the outside, soft and tender inside, light and highly digestible. Imported ingredients including cheeses, cured meats, and olive oil from the mountainous terrain of Molise, coupled with local produce, enhance the authenticity and freshness of each dish. Beverage Director /Sommelier Francine Diamond-Ferdinandi presents an approachable, easy to navigate wine and beer list. The cocktail list includes the San Gennaro: Bols Genever, Carpano and a splash of soda and a vibrant red Malafemmena or “bad woman” cocktail, named after the famous Italian song, made with tomato juice, spices and vodka.

Factory Place Hospitality Group was founded by Restaurateur Matteo Ferdinandi in 2013. Executive Chef and Business Partner, Angelo Auriana and Beverage Director and Partner Francine Diamond-Ferdinandi lead the Factory Place Hospitality Group team together with Ferdinandi.

The Factory Kitchen was the group’s first restaurant, opening October 2013 in The Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles. The flagship restaurant was an immediate success and drove the team to open a second restaurant, BRERA Ristorante (formerly Officine BRERA), which opened in 2016. The partners’ aim, passion and responsibility is to portray the classic, local Italian recipes and create unique concepts that reflect the territory and traditions of the Italian people. The atmosphere in all restaurants is comfortable with knowledgeable, down-to-earth service.

Chef Angelo Auriana is one of the most acclaimed and influential Chefs on the west coast, beyond his technical skills and his unparalleled knowledge of Italian food, he understands proportion and contrast in his food.  Chef Auriana is a favorite among guests and critics have frequently praised his food, including the late great Jonathan Gold in his Los Angeles Times.

Matteo Ferdinandi’s natural talent for hospitality along with his life long career of exposure and collaboration with some of the most prominent chefs and restaurant operators in the country are the foundations for his strong leadership and operational skills that drive the group.

In 2018, Factory Place Hospitality Group opened sixth+mill pizzeria and bar in the heart of The Arts District Downtown Los Angeles. Theey followed that up with a second location at The Grand Canal Shoppes in The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, which opened in September 2019. The casual pizzeria and bar is inspired by the southern regions of Italy. Its focus is about the uniqueness and versatility of the authentic recipes, which include pizza, hard durum wheat pasta and other classics. Factory Place Hospitality Group opened The Factory Kitchen Las Vegas in December 2018, also at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.